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About Us

Welcome to Surescape Direct

Surescape Direct is the go-to online store for all hard landscape & construction contractors.  We love helping you guys get the job done, it’s that simple.  We leave the fuss and flowery bits to others, all we are here for is to help you get the job done.

We love to remove the drudgery out of sourcing all your landscape stuff through an engaging, personal and fun online experience.  You didn’t know this sort of thing could be fun, did you?  Remove the hassle and start buying because we deliver. 


How do we help?

Whilst we don’t come and practically help you on site, we love to help by providing the online resource for information, product, motivation and wellbeing.  Life is too short to not enjoy what you do.  So, what we say is smile, have fun, keep safe and get it done! 

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